Santa Hero

Santa's Secret Agents

An all year-round cautionary Christmas tale full to bursting with delightful verse, charming wit and captivating illustrations. In bookshops October 6th.

Dear Santa, Grown-ups keep saying if we aren't good you won't bring us any presents at Christmas. But I think they're fibbing! How will you know if I've been bad...?

Santa has to be sure which children are on the Naughty or Nice list and with the help of a crack (er) team of elves he can do just that! They’re the sneakiest surveillance team in the Christmas business. From holidays to Halloween and everything in between they’re watching your every move. Who knows where Santa’s Secret Agents might be hiding?

This book invites kids and grown-ups alike to go on the (sleigh) ride of their lives as they follow Santa’s highly-trained crack(er) team of elves and discover all of their gadgets and gizmos. Each page of witty verse and wonderfully detailed illustrations means you'll want to revisit it again and again. Join the elves themselves as they're kept busy all year round, maintaining the most famous list in the world and then wind down with Santa himself for a glass of milk - shaken not stirred!


Snowy Elf

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